Yet Another Friendster Opinion

This is why I haven’t written a testimonial for you:

1) I don’t know you, you added me
2) Other than giving you money, you class secretary you, we never had any interaction
3) I wasn’t feeling creative enough (my testimonial will stand out in your list)
4) I have too many friends to write testimonials for

I’ve always figured the pecking order to be this:

The lesser-friended one will write testimonials for the more-friended one.

While this is not fair, it makes sense. Back when I had less friends, I had more time to write. Haha. If you want to be spotted on a local celebrity’s profile, write a testimonial for him/her! (What makes you think you’re so lucky to be in his/her first 10 friends list on his/her profile?)

Put proper effort into the testimonial – write creatively. Don’t use a horrible template. Be funny. Quote something that is relevant to the person. I’ve clicked on testimonial writers who are funny. It also helps to be photogenic with your real picture.

Oh while I’m at it:

1) Friendster will not delete your profile, testimonials, messages, pictures, bulletin boards etc. unless you post pr0n or impersonate a celebrity.
2) Whatever disappears is only temporary. Check your Sent messages to see if it was sent, even if there was an error. I’ve seen 10 of the same Bulletin Board post because the fella didn’t see it posted (but it was!)

Quit depending on it for your apparent social feed. As for server stability… chill. This isn’t Hotmail.

0 thoughts on “Yet Another Friendster Opinion

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Read the post again. It explains why. Muahaha.

    If I knew HELP Institute had loads of chicks, I’d post testimonials in my HELP Institute friends. What can you offer me, Lex? 😛

  2. Lex Post author

    I shall beat u at cock eye staring again…and then i’ll get what i want u to do!!!muahahahahahahahahahaha


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