Dare To Fail

I bumped into xen0s at driving school. (He gave me the Dumbass VCD! Heard of Jackass? This contains partial nudity and grossness too!) We waited hours for our numbers to come and our bells to be tolled.

My bell tolled at 2pm. I failed proudly. Overshot the slope even though I was going slow. I thought it was a tick in the Fail box, but he asked me to do it again. Thinking it was over already, I didn’t enter enough before the three-point turn. Turns out that was the Fail box.

I should be the patron saint for failed driving tests. I didn’t even get out the road! (Yes I intend to tell this story braggingly.) There were a few cars in front of me, and as they turned into the main road, I slowly inched towards the road. I didn’t stop at the white line though.

“Swap seats”, he said. He did a cool reverse and U-turn back to school.

That, my friends, is my proud failure. I shall take it again in two weeks, when I can afford it. I do not want your pity, although donations are accepted with open arms.

13 thoughts on “Dare To Fail

  1. Hyrza Post author

    I’d failed once for my motor license. Felt damn bad cause I was the only one in my family who’d ever fail in a driving test. 🙁

  2. PY Post author

    i’m sorry that u don’t hv my pity, but u HAVE this–> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. uhm excuse me for that. u failed THREE-POINT TURN? wow. and swapping seats too :p

  3. Jha Post author

    At least you didn’t suffer from a panic attack and resulting asthmatic attack, which leads you to happily puke dry heaves in the toilet for the next fifteen minutes! 😀

  4. geekster Post author

    Dun be sad… I’ve got a real driving licence and I still haven’t really drive out to the road even once…

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