After a late night at Matchroom Centro, I was inspired. A very simple thrash metal rhythm with old-Metallica-war-type-lyrics came of my exasperation waiting for Syefri to be fragged. Yep, he was on my team. I’m sure he’d wish me dead sooner too, as I camped out as the last man standing. I had the thrash riff for sometime, but that night was when I would connect them right. Yep, my first ever self-approved complete song, with the added weird acoustic ending for fun. Nope, it’s not downloadable yet.

Shom revealed the ever closing social circles of the people I knew on a Saturday breakfast.

I got to see that Bentley salesman (the one with the sweeet blues solos and classic rock chops) end a gig! I didn’t even know he was performing, as I was merely busybodying when Xfresh TV interviewed some rock star and his band, who had performed earlier. The Bentley dude was playing thrash metal (I think.) To think, the other Bentley dude, Shaun (also an excolleague) played in a bar band, when he otherwise noodles G3 stuff when I come over (supposedly showing me the merits of the guitar…)

Sunday? I slept, installed and played Far Cry (eat that, Valve and id Software!) and got a Indian barber haircut. Yep, my rock star hairdo had become immensely irritating when riding in the van, windows down, wind stabbing the hair into my eyes. Speaking of which I have a driving exam in exactly 5 hours. It would be wise to catch sleep in between then. Goodnight!

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