Show Down

I drove relatively confidently down town without the death of the engine too frequently marring me, even parking and turning. Then, I marked attendance for college, and Syefri called.

“You going to the gig?”
“What gig? Today’s? Where already ah?”
“Black’s, City Square…”
“Eh, I thought it was further down Ampang, but I’ll drop by since it’s damn near my college.”
“I’m not going since I’m in Putrajaya lah… forgot.”

I was going to just drop by since I was broke, and I remember an email saying it ended at 1am, way past my bus schedule!

I found Az again, and found Shelley Leong the co-emcee, ready to smuggle me in as a member of the press. (I didn’t intend to write a review…)

By the time the formalities were done, I was adorned with a press kit and press tag. Impressive! Turns out that this was a bigger gig than expected. Like ICOM-end-year-project gig. Surprisingly organized, too!

I was ushered to the press section, and I met the equivalent of albnok at Xfresh‘s forums – kyaizen of Jamtank. (Syefri should be slapping his head repeatedly and selling his bass amp.)

He looked nothing like a rock star (but then, some colleagues don’t even know what kind of music I listen to. Do I bob my head frantically to classical music?)

I saw performances by… (oh wait, I’ll leave that for the article that will appear on Xfresh and Jamtank!)

He sent me home! What was even cooler was that he validated my area. Since you can’t get cheap good food in Plaza Mont Kiara, you’d have to drive past the Segambut Dalam bumps to Taman Sri Sinar for some nice mixed rice at a makeshift stall that had no name.

Hot damn. I felt bloody proud. Someday, I envision seeing a “New Sri Sinar Mixed Rice Restaurant” on Jalan Gasing.

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  1. Iszie Post author

    Funny. I was going to ask if you’d like to write for Jamtank.

    Apparently we have a couple of mutual friends making a circle here. Won’t let you know just who yet.

    Small world, I’ll have you know.


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