You know you’re mature when you’ve created an invisible freeform cage of lasers. Oh wait, they’re not lasers. They’re not pure streams of single-wavelength light. They’re unpredictable as waves and rays.

In forgetting my physics theory, I may have stumbled upon the perfect analogy. The bars hold you, but they may not be straight vectors. They may bend. They may diffuse. All you have to do is avoid and contort yourself. Plus points for planting your appendages on colored circles.

Learn to please. Learn to not say something, just because your apparent ignorance or nonchalance will work to your advantage. I respect people who have commanded life such that things will fall into place; it is not luck but pure (unconscious?) deliberation. Hidden behind that political smile is a chess machine, doing tree traversals.

Learn that a fork in the road is not always a choice between good and bad; just bad and worse. Checkmate is bound to happen. In the immortal words of Dewey Finn, just give up.

You can’t sprinkle rainbow smiles on everybody’s faces. In fact, by doing so, following the shape, it would be an upright arch, or a frown. The words that come would be colorful, too!

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  1. Frus Post author

    Yeah, our instincts are just as childish and honest as the animals. Even the animals can never always do the right things. They never studied ethics. Our brain help us to learn but it’s like theres not much difference in being better to other people and yourself.


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