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Cast A Shade

Baby shine on me your pot of gold
From the mountains up so cold
When the sun shines I am too yellow
To embrace upon your radiant glow
Why don’t you ask, “Why is this guy blue?”
Can’t you tell green is another hue?
Until I’m done cycling in red
I will make you cast a shade

(I’ve actually recorded a demo song with this. Ask me! I have no professional training.)

16 Pictures

I have a digital camera. I will now brandish in a cam-boy pose:

(Yes, I won’t be putting ALT parameters on my pictures for this particular blog update.)

I bought it second-hand from Smashpop one Thursday night.

On Friday night, I was off to Ikano again, for Az‘s performance with Shelley Leong.

(Oh look you can click on him!)

Double-tapping on an acoustic!

It was the first time I got to see both play guitars at the same time (Az on lead, how neat is that?)

Shelley sent me to Hartamas so I could get a cab, and Projet Destina was filled with Honda Jazzes! (Cue call MW to find her brother’s car and take pictures of it.)

I dub it the Honda Jazz Festival.

On Saturday, I went to Sunway Pyramid a bit too early; 9:30am to be exact. I heard a piano playing, and it was:

Jenifer playing the piano that was just there in the middle of Sunway Pyramid!

I walked around the IT Center, and bumped into:

Douglas, the guy who sold me the 128 Megabyte Transcend xD-Picture flash card. I was no longer limited to 16 MB!

I then headed over to DJ Phuturecybersonique‘s crib and got quite a view.

The view.

A yellow… Mercedes, parking below, as seen in his balcony.

Dry Ice in water. Jakuned I did!

I then packed oodles of currypuffs and fried(?) chicken home. My family feasted on the leftovers.

That night, I walked to the clock tower to wait for my bus; on the way there, a wee bit off Masjid Jamek, I saw this:


How did it get there?

On Sunday, I watched Shrek 2 with the photogenic Lazing Eye. We found:

A teddybear that looks like Corinne!

I gathered the 4D puzzles that I got Scherzquin hooked on to, and took this:

My brother and I have a zoo

This poor defective elephant had a twisted foot

Also, while passing by the Lipton Express Yourself tunnel in KLCC today, I found that this was now unmoveable!

16 pictures and 156

An unconclusive theory on genealogy

I was hanging out at a mamak in Hartamas with colleagues (after a frag session) when the subject of male-to-female ratio came up. Statistics say females currently outnumber males.

The magic of my associative brain brought back Biology lessons – the male determines the gender of the child. A guy can marry as many wives and still be cursed with only daughters (before you stamp [SEXIST] on my forehead, I say they would cost more to raise!)

At first I figured that the chromosome that says “bear plenty bosomfuls” would not be passed down, since the female’s genes would have no say in the child’s gender. This would thus increase the probability of males.

That last sentence was in contradiction to the case.

The mom would still pass down her dad’s “bear plenty bosomfuls” to the sons she might have.

And so, I have no conclusion.

Flashback to another Hartamas night, where we were introduced to this girl who, if she had a son, would name him “Q-Tip“. Yes “Q-Tip“. My colleagues asked, “would you marry her if you knew she wanted a son named Q-Tip?

Perhaps, if I knew it was in my genes to “bear plenty bosomfuls“. I knew it was unlikely, as my mom had five brothers and one sister, while my father’s father’s lineage was MFMF (Male-female-male-female). My father-side cousins were MM, MF and M. My mother-side cousins were FM. I’m the first M in my dad’s MFM. Hence, the son-making XY factor would be strong in me.

And so I said, “no, I would not marry you“. Pity then, she was cute. 🙂

And now, for the answer to the question girls like to ask: How many children would you like to have, and in what ratio?

I like them MFM, like how it is now. Or more practically, MF. Having FFM would make for a effeminate son, like some people I know. MFM would churn a slightly tomboyish middle daughter like my sister, but I figure tomboys wouldn’t go for expensive clothes, and they would be… independent? Plus, they would kick ass and I would feel safer letting them go out.


I’ve never had so much last-minute hooha for an assignment but here goes.

I couldn’t take the cold radiance of my monitor at 3am, and I left it like that halfway, copying the files into my newly acquired digital camera (yes yes I was supposed to post about that one week ago but I was busy). I figured I’d finish it in the office six hours later.

This morning, as my mom dropped me off, she asked to borrow the digicam. I forgot that my assignment was in it (I guess I wasn’t used to associating it with due-at-6pm-assignments!)

As I write this, I not-so-eagerly await my mom’s call – whether she’d drop the digicam by the office (and face scolding) or save her the trouble by going home after lunch, finish it there, head to college, and then face scolding at home (at least I’d be free-from-assignments!)

What else do I have pending outside of work? Three articles promised ages ago. A visit to Low Yat Plaza to get an AMD Barton 2600+ and check out RM400 19″ CRT monitors. (Yes, like WHOA!)

Call it the inefficiency of my grey matter to process matters that are black and white screaming “hurry up alright!“, but I tend to shuffle priorities. Yes I have a big project to finish, but everytime I look at it I get stumped, and so I finish off the other tasks of much less priority. At least I’d feel like I accomplished something.

Yet Another Quiz

What dairy product are you?


People perceive you as stubborn and thick. Some find you’re too sour to handle but with the right amount of sweetness, you can be a truly delectable person to be with! Mmmm… look at all the different flavors you come in!