I’ve never had so much last-minute hooha for an assignment but here goes.

I couldn’t take the cold radiance of my monitor at 3am, and I left it like that halfway, copying the files into my newly acquired digital camera (yes yes I was supposed to post about that one week ago but I was busy). I figured I’d finish it in the office six hours later.

This morning, as my mom dropped me off, she asked to borrow the digicam. I forgot that my assignment was in it (I guess I wasn’t used to associating it with due-at-6pm-assignments!)

As I write this, I not-so-eagerly await my mom’s call – whether she’d drop the digicam by the office (and face scolding) or save her the trouble by going home after lunch, finish it there, head to college, and then face scolding at home (at least I’d be free-from-assignments!)

What else do I have pending outside of work? Three articles promised ages ago. A visit to Low Yat Plaza to get an AMD Barton 2600+ and check out RM400 19″ CRT monitors. (Yes, like WHOA!)

Call it the inefficiency of my grey matter to process matters that are black and white screaming “hurry up alright!“, but I tend to shuffle priorities. Yes I have a big project to finish, but everytime I look at it I get stumped, and so I finish off the other tasks of much less priority. At least I’d feel like I accomplished something.

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