An unconclusive theory on genealogy

I was hanging out at a mamak in Hartamas with colleagues (after a frag session) when the subject of male-to-female ratio came up. Statistics say females currently outnumber males.

The magic of my associative brain brought back Biology lessons – the male determines the gender of the child. A guy can marry as many wives and still be cursed with only daughters (before you stamp [SEXIST] on my forehead, I say they would cost more to raise!)

At first I figured that the chromosome that says “bear plenty bosomfuls” would not be passed down, since the female’s genes would have no say in the child’s gender. This would thus increase the probability of males.

That last sentence was in contradiction to the case.

The mom would still pass down her dad’s “bear plenty bosomfuls” to the sons she might have.

And so, I have no conclusion.

Flashback to another Hartamas night, where we were introduced to this girl who, if she had a son, would name him “Q-Tip“. Yes “Q-Tip“. My colleagues asked, “would you marry her if you knew she wanted a son named Q-Tip?

Perhaps, if I knew it was in my genes to “bear plenty bosomfuls“. I knew it was unlikely, as my mom had five brothers and one sister, while my father’s father’s lineage was MFMF (Male-female-male-female). My father-side cousins were MM, MF and M. My mother-side cousins were FM. I’m the first M in my dad’s MFM. Hence, the son-making XY factor would be strong in me.

And so I said, “no, I would not marry you“. Pity then, she was cute. 🙂

And now, for the answer to the question girls like to ask: How many children would you like to have, and in what ratio?

I like them MFM, like how it is now. Or more practically, MF. Having FFM would make for a effeminate son, like some people I know. MFM would churn a slightly tomboyish middle daughter like my sister, but I figure tomboys wouldn’t go for expensive clothes, and they would be… independent? Plus, they would kick ass and I would feel safer letting them go out.

0 thoughts on “An unconclusive theory on genealogy

  1. Iszie Post author

    if you adopt.

    I’ll be adopting a Cambodian kid. Or a Mongolian kid. I suppose that means I’m informally obliged to lead a nomadic lifestyle if I adopt a Mongolian.

    And I must’ve tortured you long enough from the day you texted. I must rejoice. I shall do this longer. Soon enough you won’t even want to know.

  2. Ant Post author

    Clothes nowadays are expensive anyway. Say, a simple Nike shirt can cost you over RM 50. It’s just nuts. Be a smart consumer and buy things out of bargain baskets, people.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    If you adopt, do you get to name the kid?

    Anyway, Kuachee’s being stingy so I will call to book them sometime.

  4. jayelle Post author

    hahaha.. look at you..all grown up and thinking of your daughter’s safety..AwWww:DI think FFM or FMF are okay, at least they grow up knowing how to treat a lady. What about FM? or MF? what are the males like? 🙂 I am a FM!


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