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When was the last time…

You woke up groggily, hobbled down the stairs for a drink, looked at the time and went, “Whoa. 2 AM! That’s late…

Happy I was to realize that.

On Sunday, I slept at 10 PM, like in my school days. :O I usually sleep between 2-4 AM.

New Skin


I got on an colorful minibus from Subang Parade to Sunway Pyramid. Sweeet! The ride costed 80 sen and took 15 minutes. Very neat. Spiderman 2 was the agenda, with Douglas, Nabila, Chez and I. I enjoyed it, and I could still take the mush (this wasn’t Pearl Harbor man.) A promising sequel was ready, with The Lizard, Doctor Octopus and Hobgoblin in tow, yes?


Went to work then to college.


Met up with Seng Yip to Hartamas for the In The Front Row With Popcorn gig. Bumped into Mellissa there! Took quite a while to register a familiar face.

I didn’t stay till the end so I could catch a taxi without the midnight charge. The taxi driver introduced me to the different parts of Segambut. I never knew anything besides Segambut Dalam and Luar! After what seemed like an eternity of geographical revelation through the bumpy village road, we reached my place at a whopping… RM4.60. For once, I was proud I lived here.


Slept whole day. A first for a Saturday, really. Woke up at 10pm and headed out for a Ramli burger and teh tarik dinner. Went home, checked bank balance. Was happy.


Played Far Cry to start the day. At midnight. I intend to sleep at the time of writing, but teh tarik, it seems, works now and not in the morning. Oh and I changed the skin to Trained (it was Keyboard from like 20th August 2003!)

I like this picture, too!


You like being comfortable, no matter what you are doing. You’d rather be in old sweat pants than butt-baring miniskirts. You associate well with people and you have a little bit of what everyone likes. Try and mix it up a bit. Remember, the most unpredictable people are the predictable ones.

Rain Washes

Went for the AXN thing first thing in the morning; bummed around till the end and won an umbrella, mug and army knife. Picture is not of me solving it gloriously and looking to the left, seeing my competitors haplessly catching pieces falling all over.

itsallthat.jpg, 7
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I had Caffe Citron at Starbucks today. It tasted like a frappucino with orange seeds crushed and blended in.


“You’re gonna get a tree growing in your stomach!”
“Well if it gives me good posture, why not?”
“Then you’d have roots in your butt!”
“I’d imagine it coming out my feet, but yeah I can say I got my roots man.”

More stories will follow I promise when I do not get my descriptive-event-blogging-and-testimonial-writing mood dashed by parental intervention.

Two Heads

Damn the free coffee; it kept me up till 6am Monday. Damn the airconditioner in the office; it gave me a flu.

I bought Alex’s 17″ monitor on Tuesday. Realizing that my keyboard was of the big-sized-connector variety, I headed over to a computer shop nearby and bought a Logitech NewTouch Keyboard. Damn it too; the Samsung one was even sissier, but the shop hadn’t much choice. I like my keyboards with tactile, resounding TAK TAK TAK when I type. At least it was cheap; otherwise, I’d never have bought a Logitech.

When typing fast, some letters would just disappear. At least it had an armrest.

A Voodoo 3 graphics card never went well with Windows XP; thus limiting what I could play:

Dual Head in Serious Sam, dualhead.jpg, 8
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