Two Heads

Damn the free coffee; it kept me up till 6am Monday. Damn the airconditioner in the office; it gave me a flu.

I bought Alex’s 17″ monitor on Tuesday. Realizing that my keyboard was of the big-sized-connector variety, I headed over to a computer shop nearby and bought a Logitech NewTouch Keyboard. Damn it too; the Samsung one was even sissier, but the shop hadn’t much choice. I like my keyboards with tactile, resounding TAK TAK TAK when I type. At least it was cheap; otherwise, I’d never have bought a Logitech.

When typing fast, some letters would just disappear. At least it had an armrest.

A Voodoo 3 graphics card never went well with Windows XP; thus limiting what I could play:

Dual Head in Serious Sam, dualhead.jpg, 8
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