Warm Paw played Keane on repeat. Why hasn’t the mellow Britrock scene all slit their wrists and died an automatic death?

The answer is simple. They are all manufactured… robots! Remember Gorillaz? If these songs were written by humans, they wouldn’t have kept a blade away to last a whole album’s worth.

You guys should’ve seen it coming with William Hung. He’s the man. He’s the engineer. He engineers. He’s not the best engineer, especially when it comes to the biomechanical facial skeletal expressions of Chris Martin and Thom Yorke. He could very well be creating Britrocking robots, perpetuating a strong sense of low self-esteem in the oodles of self-righteous “this is real muse-ic” fans. Think MUSE. Even Coldplay hinted at their robotic true self in their videos (plus their monotonous rhythm reinforces that).

The Americans are real rebels, though. They are angry! Do upon others harm; it is better than doing upon yourself harm. Which is really what I think I should be doing.

P.S. This blog entry and its style has been greatly inspired by a fellow Trekkie. You know who you are! 😉

4 thoughts on “Self-collapsible

  1. Stills Post author

    I’d say the US churns out more manufactured stuff though. 😉

    Perhaps Franz Ferdinand could suit your music taste better? (Whatever happened to Blur and Oasis?)

  2. ee-von Post author

    robots are cool but keane is secretly dead. hopefully they’ll rot out of existence soon.

  3. lionel Post author

    ..the anger. the hatred.

    gorillaz btw was concsiously meant to be the uber-manufactured act, somehow a statement against the proliferating biomass of manufactured poop in these sad times.

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