Linkage Where Linkage Is Due

I finally updated my About Me page, so for those of you who wonder where my Links section is, it’s there! Please tell me if I left your link out, so I can ponder who the heck you are, demand an undisclosed sum, and then add you to my links!

Procrastination is not my middle name, as there’s as many letters in procrastination as there are in my full name! I wrote an updated version, with more crap in it, before I formatted my computer, and I couldn’t find the file on all the CDs I burnt my backups to! I’d been pushing aside rewriting all that crap until just now, after looking through some blogs.

There’s just one scrawny little image, and it’s the least I could approximate as a digital representation of me. I might just gather a bunch of pictures soon, obviously in my photogenic days and dump them in a hidden page. (It’s only as of 2001 I miraculously became a swan, hehe! =] )

In case you’re wondering, where’s all my philosophical ranting lately? It’s not that I’ve had a brain transplant or something – I just don’t feel strongly enough about anything to write. When I get really peeved or worked out about something, and toss in bed thinking about it, that’s when it will all come out. A soulful, passionate post. (I am so corny.)

Oh, and not forgetting the almost related quote to my procrastination:
“5 minutes is not a measure of time but an expression.”

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