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Here’s yet another minor update. I’ve added two quotes, in no particular order, to the Quotes page.

“A screw is tighter at first.”

Do you need an explanation for this? I made this with two meanings, try guessing more!

“If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the mouth is the door.”

This is yet another double-edged sword; another dual-meaning quote. Meaning number one would be: If the eyes can tell you a lot about the person, what more his or her words?

How am I? What makes me come up with these whacked up quotes anyway? Boredness. Philosophical pondering. A lighter head. (Yes, I just got a short haircut, and I am enjoying stroking the close shaves!)

Glaring Notebook's Siemens C30On another note, I must tell the world about my handphone’s wonderful buttons. Those wonderful rubber buttons which do not rock loosely like the Nokia 5110/5130, are big and round, and most importantly, tactile!

There is a certain feel to pressing such a button on my Siemens C30 (if you’re wondering why it’s not made Siemens’ style, that’s because it was a Bosch handphone, bought over.) It’s not as robotic and cold as a plastic keypad on a Nokia, nor is it as flat as a Motorola clamshell handphone.

The button really depresses and sinks in at least 1 millimeter (don’t know why I spell it that way, considering the Americans still use the Imperial system.) The best part is that the key bounces back, with a low pop sound! You can feel the “force feedback” when pressing the keys! I found this tactile output very, erm, fun! Imagine bubble wrap, but without the bubbles popping!

Notice another thing about its peculiar, unique shape? I’ll tell you later what its connotations are!

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