Bone-breaking Blues

Kids, watch out when you slam the car door. Make sure any of your fingers are not in the way.

You might break a bone and need surgery. For real.

(No that’s not me it’s Tarquin. You’re a brave man.)

On a more serious note, don’t sleep with your arm hanging over a chair! You could get a compressed radial nerve and paralyze your hand like what happened to great guitar shredder Dave Mustaine. Fortunately, he was very determined to getting back to his Megadeth glory days and managed to recover fully.

5 thoughts on “Bone-breaking Blues

  1. Michelle Post author

    Hi cute photographer. I’ve linked you. =D Shall we exchange links?

    Staring at the picture just reminds me of my sister. She had her thumb in the way when she was slamming the car door. And the whole nail came off. So damn disgusting. Two weeks later, the nail shrivelled and came off. And do you know what it smells like?

    You don’t want to know.

    There, it’s a story. I’ve told you a story!!!!!

    So, stop badgering me with the dragons and butterflies thingy. ==

    P/S: How can I get my pictures? =D

  2. Mich Post author

    Hey’s me Mich here!
    Tell u wat…although i did kena by car door on my thumb but now i can bend my thumb into 90degree which make up smtg i very proud haha lol

    Hey dude, remember sent me pics ya 🙂

  3. Ian Post author

    Oh man, i’ve experienced my hand being caught slammed between a car door before by my drunk friend. Not fun.

    Plus, i broke my right arm while arm wrestling at 2am. how cool is that? Got a steel bar and 7 screws in my right arm now. Ironman!

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: Yeah man, orang melayu kebal. That’s why he skates.

    Michelle: Links exchanged, tall person. I don’t like this story. Prefer the dragons and butterflies one!

    That is a good question, almost existential in nature.

    Mich: Show us a picture of your angled thumb!

    Ian: Ooo, that sounds recent! Have fun with metal detectors. I think it’s best we stay clear of doors even when we’re not doing the slamming.


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