No Lens Reflex

Many many moons ago, I met with Lex, the then buyer of my Sony Alpha 100. We were at Chili’s, and I was explaining the camera functions to her, when this girl hobbled over next to our table and looked at us intently.

Take a picture, her pose told us. She leaned seductively against the chairs. We thought it was so cute! (Did she learn it from an older sister or aunt?)

She continued standing there. Oh, all right. I used my Sony Alpha 700 to shoot this one shot of her, to humor her.

She kept posing. I continued the conversation, and looked, and she was still posing!

I then tried the Sony Alpha 100 with body cap on to see how she’d react.

(I looked something like this. Thanks Lex for the shot!)

She immediately started crying! Must’ve been the body cap. Or did she already know what a lens was, feeling rejected by this long-haired-artistic-photographer-looking dude?

She ran over to her mom, who went, “uncle made you cry ah?” Her family proceeded to camwhore with their digital cameras, to cheer her up.

It could also be the A100’s different, more mechanical door-slamming sound, often said to be loud (though some say, satisfying) while the A700 had a quieter, more subtle mirror action. A friend said the A100 made his dogs go wild but the A700 made them pose willingly (or something like that!)

5 thoughts on “No Lens Reflex

  1. Waifon Post author

    ya llah must be that bearded uncle who made the girl cry. hello how old am I, you always make me cry also what apatah lagi budak kecik. Memang trauma seumur hidup wtf.

    Don’t blame the camera okay. I keel you!

  2. missorangedepp Post author

    Hahaha…. waifon u never fail to make me laugh! Alberto, i want indomee now or i’ll cry like that little girl.

  3. Lex Post author

    LMAO… I still remember this!!! classic. and you are right about A100 scaring kids away. THe other day I wanted to take photos of my little cousins, first he pose pose for my point and shoot, when I took out a100, he ran away at the sound of the shutter!!!!

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Waifon and missorangedepp: Cry, baby, cry.

    KJ: Lucky you explained to me or I wouldn’t understand.

    Lex: Hahaha well at least you have a weapon of defense against annoying kids. 😀


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