Graphy Tee

To reaffirm my status as one of those photo bloggers, I hereby post a bunch of snapshots.

The Jamasia door b***ard draws tattoos on his own hands in his free time. In One Utama. Is that how boring shopping malls have become?

Such a drawing would be more appropriate at a boring place, like my workplace.

I have always had a knack for drawing Transformers. Heck, I used to make Transformer models for Quake 2 and Unreal Tournament…

However, I did not go to this extent. Somebody else did. Gotta love his cap!

Battlebot Rumble1 does indeed have the same head as Decepticon Rumble! They even have The Universal Greeting (from the original animated Transformers movie).

Transform! And L.O. Loud!

Bah weep granah weep ninni bong!

You can fix some things. And when you can’t, there’s free delivery.

My dream job!



9 thoughts on “Graphy Tee

  1. Michelle Post author

    Screw that last sign. And you can tell them that you don’t speak English and the National Language.

    I’ve added you in MSN with my new address. =D

  2. Waifon Post author

    lactation consultant watafakkkk. orang yang bagi nasihat kat nen nen wtf wtf. kembali dara hahahaha no wonder you kept pestering virgins to get laid. the evils of uhh… dunia perubatan moden. but kembali dara tuh kerja bomoh kot wtf.

    your picture. is nice! i like!

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    xj: Yeah man! Where do we apply?

    missorangedepp: Miss you too miss-orange-depp! I hope you remember where we were when we found the Lactation Consultant sign hehe.

    Waifon: All I advise is that, like any human organ that is a factory, it should be well-aired i.e. the mammary glands and the scrotum.


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