Izzi Your Birthday?

Somebody give them a pitchfork.

It was a big birthday bash one November 10th 2007 at Izzi, Bintang Walk! Mikel, Steven, Kok Jen, Ken, Xian Jin.

The usual face-dunking thing.

Velociraptor KJ.

Penny‘s tattoo.

Fisheye crowd shot gone wrong.

Vegetables are good for your complexion – they add color!

Emily gets mistaken for a pillow.

Fazri has a craving for donuts. Yes, that’s the second T-shirt with a catchy phrase.

Yeah, 12 Glazzy Donuts from J. Co. Mmm-mmm!

The king and I Xian Jin.

Shawn featuring my Sony HVL-F56AM flash on wireless, and his Nikon SB-800 on SU-4 mode. Yes, it’s compatible!


KJ, you think?

10 thoughts on “Izzi Your Birthday?

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    amadeo: Unfortunately not – I’m going for Sunburst Festival the whole Saturday.

    KJ: Eh, you lagi la backdated. Your rate is worse than mine!

  2. amadeo Post author

    Albert.. already bought A350 laaa.. mention your name osso give discount.. hahah .. so famous la you…

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    The A350 with kit lens was RM2680 when I brought a friend to buy it at Tarita Low Yat. The Boeing boss seems to like me and would give RM2650! 😀

    I do not recommend you buy a memory stick as you need the CF to MS adapter which is not included in the package. Well, at least it was not included in the A200… dunno if it comes with the A350. CF cards are cheaper and faster when writing after shooting bursts of shots.

    amadeo: Good price! If possible, omit the CF card, and buy it separately, unless they are selling a 133x card. Good luck!

  4. amadeo Post author

    i called tarita and booked one A350.. gonna buy tomolo.. (if time permits – i have tons of appointment to fullfill). they give a veryyyy goood price include everything.. card, bag, cheap tripod, screen protector for 2.8K.. sounds a good bargain..


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