Under My Umbrella

For under RM60, you can have a cheap on-the-go reflector umbrella for your wireless flash photography!

What you need:

Wire Rope Clip 1/2″ pair – RM6.50
Silver-inside umbrella – RM10
Cheap tripod – RM40

Clamp the umbrella pole to the tripod’s arm. Click picture for bigger view.

The picture also shows what happens when you zoom to 85mm on the flash; it’s not that far off the center, honestly, so it is still very usable.

Note that the umbrella handle is higher to help with alignment.

Pictures using the umbrella will come later, heh. I’m exhausted yo.

Thanks ianho for building his own, which I took as inspiration, and macdude for ideas that contributed to this! (My umbrella handle is not detachable or removable unfortunately.)

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