What’s the deal with cutting oneself on the arm? I noticed this trend going on lately. I say lately because I didn’t notice it when I was still in school 3 years ago.

What happened to the old methods of getting over depression? Where have the kids been learning this from? I mean, back when people my age were depressed, we did different things. I’d rather be creative. Write depressing poetry or music. Headbang. Go clubbing (and get caught if you’re underaged.) Play Counter-Strike. Get a tattoo. Smoke cigarettes so it hurts your wallet as well. Sniff marker pens, pop pills or drink Dettol, at least you’d go to the hospital and hopefully get enough intravenous tubes to learn something.

Is it because of love?

Lets say this girl who you think is a “fat ugly b***h” comes up to you and says she carved your name on her chest, would you be her boyfriend then?

You’re dating this girl and you carve her name on your hand. When you break up, do you cut off your hand? At least tattoos can be lasered off.

I should fool around, then dump them the next day, and they’d all cut themselves. Silly. If you hate someone, don’t cut yourself! Revenge sounds less stupid.

Sure, I could tell you not to cut yourself. I’ll be kind enough for a suggestion:

If you think you’ll never date another girl again, wax your legs. That way it will hurt, but it will grow back. Until then, you can’t wax it. 🙂

However, if it’s not because of love, I can’t say that self-cutting is totally out. What did kids back then do with school pressure amounting on them?

If you get angry that I’ve insulted your method of getting over depression, fine! Cut yourself and die of rabies tetanus! (Thanks to justine for the correction!) Yeesh.

0 thoughts on “Cut!

  1. Nael Post author

    Please ignore the subject field.

    Anyway my girlfriend cuts herself open sometimes because of frustration, sometimes just because. Note this was BEFORE I met her.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Ignore the post in your blog, then. If only you had a guestbook… How do people find my site anyway?

  3. Nael Post author

    I think, in a bout of narcissism, I found myself linked to a stranger’s site, and travelling through his links, I found this site that belonged to the "famous Albert" so I just HAD to see if I knew this personality. ;P

    On the back of my mind was a hairy, pale gorilla, heavily pierced and employed by the WWE.

  4. justine Post author

    Nael you’re dead!
    anyways, cutting isn’t too new a thing. people were doing it when I was in school (about ’98) and I did too. It wasn’t so much a planned thing than a sudden one. And I’d rather cut myself than write bad poetry or drink dettol. yuck.
    and the only thing you have to worry about when cutting is tetanus, not rabies.

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Oops corrected that little rabies-tetanus reference. 😛

    Anyway, I was shocked at first when I received an voice mail with the title "nael is dead" (allow me to shove my geekier-than-thou attitude in your face!)

    Write bad poetry? Oh sh*t, yes I do, and I totally suck. I’m gonna cut myself and die now. :/

    Well at least I don’t write bad poetry or drink dettol. My depression is temporary. Did I mention that having a sadistic sense of humor (not masochistic though) helps?

    What’s your reason for the cut anyway?

    P.S. I found the link in once-every-moon-blog-updater Lionel. Hah!

  6. Joanne Post author

    I did have a couple of friends who did that last time, i scolded them, but these are the people who likes to torture themselves when they are depressed. I personally will just sit down at a corner and sulk when i’m depressed. other than that, either i’ll be hyper active or looked like a walking zombie.


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