Playing With The Threshold

threshold.gif, 1108 bytes

Get a creepy bony sulky picture
Copy and paste the shot as a layer
Image, Adjustments, Threshold, make darker
Ignore the lighter parts that disappear
Paste another copy, set its threshold
Set it lighter for more parts to behold
Keep adding lighter layers until told
That this artwork is worth its size in gold
Now the topmost layer is mostly white
Some were cleaned out because they were too bright
Erase layers to bring features to sight
Go down layers till the outline is right
Keep down the file size, it is a safe bet
To save in Graphics Interchange Format

0 thoughts on “Playing With The Threshold

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    I make a killer map with 6 boxes! You spawn, turn 180 degrees and shoot! Only the 1337 can master such a simple map.


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