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Sometimes I feel I wanna walk alone
Down with the filthy smelly smoky lanes
Swallow the thrill pill that comes when I’m prone
Go bus hopping and lean on oily panes
The joy of finding a shortcut will beat
The liability of misdirection
If lactic acid should consume my feet
Ride a train out the metropolitan
I don’t need to derail my train of thought
The topic is noone else’s to change
The choice is mine and I will not get shot
Worry not I will stay in mobile range
My destiny Vitamin D OD
I feel accomplished through discovery

2 thoughts on “Walkabout

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    What? No way man. It’s direct lah! It’s about walking alone to release tension and to feel undisturbed inner peace. Vitamin D comes from the sun, so an OD means too much sun. 😛


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