17 Hours Ago

Fast forward to Project Bazooka, 17th April 2008. Yes, just 17 hours ago! This is an unnatural skip in the sequence.

Emcee Hayley ponders whether to sing along to shoegazing Witherspoon. They rock, by the way.

Melodic Dreamy Art Rock, they call it.

I’ve seen this guitar somewhere I swear.

Next up – Throne Away with the ever charismatic Emir dancing about.

A shot of Rudy, for the crazed blog readers who want to have his babies.

I love my Vivitar 24mm F2.0 tilt-shift lens. Please pardon the insane bright-line bokeh in some out-of-focus discs, though.

I also love Kelvin White Balance, which gets me these colors out of the camera.

Emir’s on a roll.

I’ve been wasting time inside your hollow head…

I love the random progressive bits and jazzy chords off their new song Goldfinger (Hey Girl)!

Ian Koren has lost that Jesus look, and looks like he did when I first met him like, 6 years ago?

Then there was Couple, one of Rolling Stone’s 25 best bands on Myspace. Hayley looks in admiration.

Check out the shot I got!

Rock and roll, rock and roll, kick some ass before I go!” Great power pop.

Check out my drum sticks, yo.

Rock and roll solo!

Ooo, photographers are cute.

Flipped rightie, strings intact. COOL!

5 thoughts on “17 Hours Ago

  1. xinch Post author

    Witherspoon was great! Loved throne away too.. I think their lead is very mika-esque… without the curls. dunno why haha

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Waifon: Don’t look at the time of this comment!

    saifulrizan: Nope, not yet… yeah I skipped it for this but I will get back into regular sequence don’t worry!

    xinch: I wouldn’t say Emir was Mika-esque… it’s a very British swagger kinda thing.

    Ewin: Nope. 😛


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