KL Freeze in Unison, 13th April 2008!

The instructions we got from waiting around Lot 10. I synchronized my phone with true Malaysian time as instructed by RandomAlphabets.

I went to pee, knowing it was about 3:28pm, and when I came back, I saw this!!!


Everyone had frozen!

At 3:31pm!

I went around searching for (identity withheld) because I was supposed to freeze with her.

I couldn’t find her, but I found a lot of prematurely frozen people. Hello, did you not synchronize your watches? They were also too packed tightly in the center. DAMN FAIL!

Nevertheless, I went around taking pictures although my plan was to freeze.

I found familiar dudes, but not my freezemate.

Her fingers must’ve been numb. Serves everybody right for freezing early.

…at least some people read the note to bring umbrellas.

This was much much better – further out, as people were supposed to span the area. At least their poses were distinct and people walking past could make out what they were doing.

Orchestrated, cute.

It was around then that the reminder I set on my phone vibrated (it was on silent mode). It was time to freeze! But I had not found my freezemate and neither did she find me! So I frantically went around the crowd looking.

Davina! We used to freeze in the fishtank remember?

Have a KLue.

After the freeze, Su Ann finds herself the victim of her icecream.

I finally found my freezemate after it was over, who apparently did not make any effort to look for me and froze when everybody else did even though she was on the phone with her sister who went, “Hey why is everybody freezing? It’s not time yet!” Well, that made my effort to look around for her kind of dumb, maybe I should’ve froze instead when it was time.

No wait, all these Malaysians who followed somebody with the wrong time, are dumb. If you know it’s early, don’t freeze lah!

Reminds me of cars who go down the wrong way in a parking lot because they’re following other cars… and then they all have to reverse because the fella ended up at an entry lane. Or people who just queue up (and shift lanes) without knowing what they’re queuing up for.

Oh, and of course, the other category would be Malaysians who cannot follow instructions to set their watches or phones to international-standards Malaysian time.

So what ran through my head? Anger! Sadness! Feeling left out because I thought I was good at freezing but I didn’t get to do it!

Oh, and frustration at how Malaysians can be very blind followers. Also frustration because my friends were included in that category. I like to think I have smart friends, y’know. Or at least that I rub off on them somewhat.

…and some complained of cramps from holding a position too long. Of course lah they did 9 minutes instead of 4. I just wish I was there to see the cascade happen.

I was very tak puas.

A post-freeze pose for her own camera. (Not in picture.)

Anyway, there was another one, this time it was for Freeze for World Earth Day 20th April 2008. Freeze time was 8:00pm to 8:04pm but they froze until 8:05pm! They even had a countdown (which killed the sudden freeze effect… but at least you don’t get early/late people.)

I don’t have any pictures of this freeze when it happened because… yes, I froze! Yay!

So the rest are post-freeze pictures, or defrosted shots, if you may:

Waifon the champion of non-plastic bags and holding them up for 5 minutes!

We found the bag useful on KJ, too.

We know now what ad Shaz will be in, next, from where everybody is looking…

A true tree-hugger.

I also spotted some proper activism going around, in some green-colored signs, but I didn’t get to snap those.

I like this post that Ziyan Chong posted on the Freeze for World Earth Day’s Facebook wall:

“Imagine if we could Freeze the daily activities of as many people as we can for 5 minutes. That’s a looooottt of power we’re saving for the future generations.”

Imagine the number of people who purposely drove all the way to Sunway Pyramid to participate in this event. imaagine the amount of petrol/resources spent. That’s a looott of power we’re wasting, you hypocrites.

Take part in the freeze for fun, but if you say you’re doing it for the future of the earth etc., instead stop using plastic, use public transport/carpool/walk, stop leaving your computer on the whole night downloading, don’t turn your aircon to 16 degrees then buy a comforter cos it’s now too cold. All better ways to save power.

Do all this before going for a freeze to “save power”.

Gotta love the air-con bit. Not just because I don’t have one and can’t sleep with air-con, but hey, 23 degrees (or a ceiling fan and an airy cotton blanket) is enough for everybody! Comforters are inventions from countries with colder climates which really don’t apply here.

Wow, I’m feeling so worked up being all activist. By just refusing to buy a car (which is one of the biggest ways one human can waste a lot of stored energy) I already feel like I’m protesting against 90% of people who drive in Malaysia (in some places, 50% drive and 50% take public transport.)

My office has an open air car park and every employee gets his/her own space. That’s a big overhead per employee, when our cubicles are about the same surface area, just square. At least my old office was always lacking parking, which I hope encouraged car pooling somewhat.

I’d hate to have a car and then get accustomed to the idea of moving a large body of personal space (and personal music) around. I find it far, far too selfish.

20 thoughts on “KLFU and FWED

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    pinkpau: Yes, freeze in the pyramids in what should be scorching deserts. Oh the irony!

    udjinn: These people probably compensated their watches a long time ago to try to defeat being late. So instead of being an hour late they’re 55 minutes later. Champions!

    KJ: Eh, you saw my protest freeze meh.

    Shazeea: Whoa, you’re scary. People who remember arcane URLs are scary. You may reproduce the photo, oh scary tree hugs advocate!

  2. Shazeea Post author

    I think, a loooong time ago, I did some editing for them. But I only edited one thing (can’t remember what) because the interface was too technical for me. Maybe, I use to post on their forums.

  3. KJ Post author

    wah cepat-nyer defrosted post..

    yea.. hate the countdown yesterday.. i was like.. what the heck? totally.. like no sense of exitement at all.. but albert! you dun need to freeze in protest at all now! =P

  4. Lex Post author

    well u car pooled with us! weee…

    but lol, the freeze was a bit tak jadi kan, got countdown and all.. sheesh, real dumbasses

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Shazeea: I’ve replied in your comment box! Heh.

    Lex: Beats having an early countdown.

    AhM1K3: Yeah man, these are the real interesting things to shoot, not the typical portrait fare. 😀

    Waifon: I was signalling the freeze by a handsqueeze! At least we were far out and distinguishable in a crowd. I hope you recycled that paper!

    KJ: Who’s Mr. Froggy?

    Andrea: Yeah man, better than 5 minutes early. 😀

  6. Andrea Post author

    Hello. Sorry to ruin your sudden freeze excitement on Freeze, my friends and I were the one’s that started the countdown on that day. =P
    At least everyone was synchronized!

  7. Waifon Post author

    u failed my bryan boy post la go hold my hand and all sheeshhhh. do u knw there’s another freezing point!!! yer shd have gone there sigh.

    and my bryan poy pose tak jadi la kenot see what I wrote on the paper which i stapeled on the bag wtf. so much for saving tree -_-

  8. Albert Ng Post author

    Shazeea: Yep, all done online. Unless we’ve met and don’t remember each other. I blame our hippie tendencies.

    Zain HD: You’re welcome! Thanks for organizing, even with the hiccup that spoiled the first one for me.

    By the way since I can’t comment on your blog, I figured out why people add you on Facebook – they want to comment on your pictures or videos, and can’t unless you’re friends with them.

    KJ: Ah!

    Michelle: There are videos!

    Ian: Ah! Not that that would ring a bell, but cool.

  9. Ian Post author

    Ah, that last picture of the ‘supposed’ tree hugger is my junior, Shahzeea, from high school.


    She also happens to be the vice president in the monash student council.


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