How To Be A Red Ninja

Come, son, I will teach you the ways…

…to be in perfect harmony with nature.

Only at the KL Performing Arts Centre Open Day, 27th January 2008.

Let the heat of the ground make your feet alight.

And you will travel nimbly knowing the world is round.

Take a stroll through the greenery.

For we shall gather flowers.

Augh! I am attacked by the unharmonious bokeh of Albert’s Cosina 70-210mm F2.8-4 1:2.5x Macro lens! He should’ve brought his Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan.

This is how one shall divert unharmonious aura.

Toss flowers into it to balance bad chi.

Fight, with my tanto, fight!

Oh, but my opponents keep shooting me…

…from all directions!

When the peaceful wanderer finds oneself in undue persecution, the Stone Of Retribution shall give the necessary leverage.

9 thoughts on “How To Be A Red Ninja

  1. Waifon Post author

    watch too much tv la u wtf. that’s why i say, baca buku, jangan tak baca. Otak pun center skit ok.

    wui i thought you’re going to bed! Tipu me ah, you just wait and see. *asah parang*

  2. Michelle Post author

    One day, you should dedicate a post to the Russian spy.

    "How to be KGB."


  3. KJ Post author

    shucks few days tak check ur blog d.. this is LMAO! =P ur gif.. i can see a nikon user at the back one.. hahaha nice.. if a few more DLSR bleh masuk then chun.. =P


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