Girl Power

17th February 2008: No Black Tie Unplugged with a special flava – girls only.

Zalila Lee!

Yuna (who is cool in that fresh-out-of-Myspace-with-songs-written-years-ago kinda way.)

Najwa the awesome R&B/soul/jazz keyster. However, she tuned down the intensity and emotion of my favorite song of hers, and it lost its impact.

I like intense songs performed… intensely. Don’t hold back!

Mia Palencia, who needs no introduction!

And now, fast-forward to a wet 14th March 2008. Umbrella? You got the wrong not-from-Malaysia artiste.

Who? Which artiste had Adam Carruthers as emcee?

Spot the Cheryl!

Spot the chimpin’ Reta! And what is going on to the right?

Figured out who, yet?

Colbie Caillat, MySpace graduate!

And this is her John Mayer. Spot the Sarah!

She played quite a bit of songs. To me however, there was something missing – song dynamics. It had an unwavering level of energy. I also felt the vocals to be a bit soft, such that the guitars’ consistency overrides and made her performance rather… flat.

The light falloff at the bottom is from the crowd of human heads.

No prizes for guessing which song this prop was released at!

6 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. Chen Post author

    I love Yuna! Got a little excited when I saw her name, then started wondering if you might’ve caught Koko Kaina in action as well. Sigh.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Lydia: Ooo who’s your cousin? Go to mai Facebook yer will sze my face there coz izza Face book geddit?

    Chen: Uh… Well I know she likes Koko Crunch and eating milo out of tin cans!


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