Ziel Beached

Rewind to 3rd March 2008 – Ziel at Beach Club! Naj is a picture-taker. Vivitar 24mm F2.0 Tilt-shift 1/8s ISO3200.

Exposure data included in case you wonder what’s up with the bokeh and how the A700 fares at ISO3200 when used at web size (and correlatively, small prints.)

24mm F2.0 TS 1/60s ISO3200. Mix it good!

24mm F2.0 TS 1/60s ISO1600. Raffique the angry rocker!

50mm F1.4 1/20s ISO1600.

50mm F1.4 1/40s ISO1600. Rudy the drummer I always bump into!

50mm F1.4 1/60s ISO1600. I love the lights in the back.

90mm F4 1/40s ISO3200. Raffique pulls a John Mayer face.

50mm F1.4 1/80s ISO3200. Dodge and burn.

50mm F1.4 1/80s ISO3200. I love flashing at ISO3200 – you get loads of ambient light, especially hairlight, even at 1/80s as well.

50mm F1.4 1/30s ISO3200. John keeps his eyes wary despite all the rocking.

50mm F1.4 1/160s ISO3200. The next band played classic rock and heavy metal covers. I think they were called The Rock Show if the sign says so. I don’t know.

50mm F1.4 1/250s ISO3200. Loved his Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues extended solo!

50mm F1.4 1/15s ISO3200. All hail Sony’s Super SteadyShot!

24mm F2.0 TS 1/125s ISO3200. Depth of field is along the guitar, and on the mike stand the frontman is holding up.

24mm F2.0 TS 1/13s ISO3200. That’s all folks!

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  1. KJ Post author

    oh u guyz don’t know about his frankenLens from albert yea? hehehe u should check it out guyz! =P hehehe

    hey i know Naj.. =P she works with me.. haha =P


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