Moonshine at Laundry Bar, 12th June 2008!

Ana Raffali! Alternative/indie…

…and once mistaken for a guitar tech.

Man these drumsticks are photogenic.

So are these colored lights.

And unlit guitarists.

And flashed bassists. Andy Flop Poppy!

And dramatic cello.

…it’s a cello, right?

I liked her solo song too, but Myspace isn’t loading them songs so I can’t identify!

Then there was Oh Chentaku, post-punk/hardcore.

Hey this guy is so darn familiar!

Emo is always better with strings. I mean, bowed strings.

A dude with a Sony A350. I lent him my Minolta 50mm F1.4, as he had only the kit lens to shoot this low-lit gig with!

So what did I shoot with, then? A new angle, a new lens.

An insanely contrasty lens.

…of which I have yet to blog about.

Zach Tay

…of the Zach Tay Trio!

Zach Tay laserbeams his tuners to precision.

So he can play the blues. Man can this dude shred!

Nicole is back!

…in reggae band Layan Sound System.

Justin, happy as ever. This was the first time I’d paid attention to how reggae drums are played. Very different, and very fun!

Brian Kwan dumps all that jazz for some ukulele!

Every reggae band must have one person in reggae colors or a reggae shirt.

Salim makes effects.

Tony Eusoff makes conversation.

Drummer makes goofy picture.

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