Have Another Cookie!

Now for another Project: Have A Cookie instalment!

Rudy and his cookie.

All dat cookie.

Cookie and cookie.

Blur cookie.

Poppy cookie.

Guess that cookie.

Tough cookie.

Oops I took your last cookie.

Happy Buddha cookie.

Before cookie.

After cookie.

Capped cookie.

Sweet cookie.

Cookie mouthful.

Disorienting cookie.

Cookie, cookie and cookie.

Chipmunk cookie.

Fast-entering cookie.

No, really, she took my last cookie!

8 thoughts on “Have Another Cookie!

  1. Patrick Post author

    i knew justin back in high school. Never knew his mouth could open SO wide. *raises one eyebrow*

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Tyler: Ooo yeah! That parody was classic!

    Matthew: The ceiling longcat took it from the cookie jar.

    KJ: LOL, that’s the only one I flashed with. At F2.4 ISO1600. Should’ve dialed it down and used Auto argh!

    Patrick: It’s not a very big cookie so uh… lower your eyebrow, and whatever else LOL.


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