Sunny East Side

Kuching town! Land of blue skies and fluffy clouds and colorful buildings and loads of grass!

The Spring, the latest mall, I think.

They have random, random green lungs. You’ll pass a few of these empty lots.

No bikes in the bush.

I just liked the color. No compositional value.

We’ve finally reached White Castle!

All with DRO Level 5 on the Sony A700. It boosts the greens to Cameron Highlands-like goodness! So yes, I shot some of these only because of the strong color. I like how you can see clouds anywhere – must be the lack of a concrete skyline.

And here’s one of the big tall tree at Merdeka Square.

1883 A.D.

There is a McDonalds here somewhere.

Kuching Waterfront Bazaar!

Building in building must reflect upon each other!

Yes, I’m quite enjoying the artist’s impression-like look of DRO Level 5.

And since you’ve read this far, guess what? All the images can be clicked for a bigger view. Except one!

8 thoughts on “Sunny East Side

  1. wombok Post author

    WootZ! Kuching pride yo~ Like the one of the old court house. Tsk. Makes me appreciate the blue skies even more now.

  2. kennysia Post author

    You’re quite lucky to get blue skies when you’re over here. Too bad it’s not always like this. It’s been practically raining every other day.

  3. shootkk Post author

    The last pic! I recognise that place! Last time I was there, I nearly smashed my face into the pavement after tripping over the metal chain you see on the lower left side of the pic. To be fair it was night at the time I tripped. They didn’t have the reflectors there then and it was darn near invisible at night.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Diyana: Neither is mine! Hmmph.

    shootkk: Haha, beware the rail that trips you in the night.

    noel: Indeed! But I think it’s more of the clouds than anything that defines it so well.

    wombok: Go out and breathe in some blue sky!

    ShaolinTiger: Indeed! There are more which look very artist-impression-like!

    KJ: Have a safe flight whenever that is!

    kennysia: Yeah, it seems to alternate – it sure didn’t rain on Saturday!


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