Fly and I Com

1st May 2008 – Fly FM Campur Chart at Laundry Bar! Yes, it’s been a while.

Throne Away!

Indie/emo rock at its best!

Emir the energetic frontman does a few stunts…

…and asks me to check his tonsils.

Seven, one of my favorite jazz/funk/rock bands.

With Bo with the fro.

And Samsung chicks in the background.

The Times! Brit indie flavor.

Let’s see what song I have to play next…

Skip to the 12th of May 2008, with Seng Yip‘s gig, featuring George singing songs about Friendster!

He’s got the most natural emo voice. Oh, and emo glasses.

Step on it!

And then, there was Pitbull Inc..

Excellently fronted by Steven (who is a heck of a singer besides being the occasional JamAsia emcee) and Izwin.

Killer bassist played a pumping Michael Jackson – Billie Jean groove.

The drummer was cool, too…

…when he suddenly got up to rap!

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