It was a dark night as I waited for my bus. It was not stormy.

A taxi stopped at the taxi stand nearby. I then heard something fall onto the road in front of it. At first I thought it dropped from a passing lorry, but upon squinting, I recognized it as one half of a pair of heels!

The other half of the pair of heels flew out the left passenger door. A skinny Malay guy got out. He had this look that said that he was fed up.

The taxi drove off, taking care not to run over the black stiletto that was on the road in front of it.

I looked in the taxi, and there was a lady in the back on the left, obviously fuming.

The guy then picked up the stiletto that he had earlier tossed in front of the taxi as well as the one on the side, and he walked off to the LRT station.

Now here’s the fun part. What do you think happened before the guy threw out her heels in rage?

What do you think will happen, since he kept the heels instead of leaving them behind?

6 thoughts on “Well-Heeled?

  1. Matthew Post author

    His girlfriend found out he was a mak nyah so he bought a pair of high heels for him to embarrass him. Knowing the cat was already out of the bag and his true orientation was exposed in front of a taxi driver, he threw the heels out angrily.

    He probably took the heels back home to try it on, not wanting to let it go to waste.

  2. george Post author

    dude bought his lady fake shoes and obviously the girl got pissed and kicked them out the windows.

    dude took them back to give to his next girlfriend


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