Open Mic @ Barlai #20

25th February 2016: Open Mic @ Barlai #20 at Barlai, Jalan Sin Chew Kee. Here’s host Shaneil Devaser!

Reening Lau, finally.

The F.O.I..

The crowd.

The fingerstyle Kim Lim.

The one with the song I recorded a video of. Yinthong Tan, whose mellifluous melodies had a French flavor to it, even if some of the songs were in Chinese. It wasn’t just me who was imagining having a croissant out in the open area of a cafe, with uneven brickwork on the floor.

Yinthong Tan – I Found You.

A chopping board for pedals.

Nicholas Sia brings grunge back.

Shot by Amelia.

Lucy Smith has some interesting ukulele rhythm.

Armand Tanzarian cannot shoegaze without shoes.

Alien Lipstick Fire has a catchy name.

Ending the night was Danial Alwie.

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