Feedback Open Mic Finale #2 2016

21st February 2016: Feedback Open Mic Finale #2 2016 at The Bee, Publika. First agenda of the day was serious business: “The Business of Music 101” by Jennifer Thompson.

This was on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Then, “Songwriting” by Moonshine Productions, moderated by Reza Salleh and featuring Liyana Fizi, Aidil Rosli of Couple and Anna Chong. They also sang a few songs to illustrate how their songwriting concepts ended up in songs.

Rhythm For Beginners” by Paul Lau.

Liyana Fizi is cooler with shakers.

More random crowd shots.

Hameer having fun!

Fariz does not know if he wants a djembe.

Paul and the drum circle.

What They Don’t Teach You In Music School (And Will Get You Work)” by Az Samad.

I went for a walk and discovered a rhythm section goin’ on in Publika.

Then, the main thing, the finale, with emcee and host Reza Salleh.

Hameer often does emcee duty, too.

First up: Kyogg!

Blast from the past with Josh!

The affable Happy Fingers.

Kahlilfornia who brings this infectious stage energy.

Heavy Defusion.

Hello Luqman loves the loop, man.

Hello Riana Adams!

Jude Macson Bensing is just another CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor.

Sophia Andersen.

Aina Abdul always sings with a smile, and boy does that smile enhance her powerful vocals!

Andy, ever happy to play guitar for her.

David Soh with feels.

Zqames, with a most expressive vocalist.

Time to announce the winners! Third place, Kyogg.

Second place, Sophia Andersen.

First place, Aina Abdul. Happy Fingers and I witnessed her enchant the audience, and our expression was that of a Facebook smiley. You know, the one with hands over the mouth, fingers curled in, eyes slightly teary in amazement. I’d post exactly that smiley, if I could find it…

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