Stupid Cupid at The Bee

14th February 2016: Stupid Cupid at The Bee. Here’s the first event, Breaking Up Moving On – The Big Fish with Elaine Foster hosting!

But first, the Flirting Point outside is neglected.

Jean-Bauptiste Toutcollé has a story to tell.

Anti-Valentine’s day posters adorned The Bee, Publika.

Fiona Reutens with a tale.

Prakash Daniel outside, looking like Profesor Serba Tahu from Gila-Gila Magazine.

Not sure who this is.

Outside, with Rita, Arisha and Francis.

Prakash on stage for a bit.

Kyo’s Game Mart has some vintage game consoles.

A real NES controller, with some real Pacman competition goin’ on.

Ice-cream eating competition!

Tarot Card Reading with Funnymen of One Mic Stand.

The evening plan was Feedback Open Mic ft Calico @ The Bee Publika / Stupid Cupid Edition with Reza Salleh as the host and emcee.

First up with anti-Valentine songs – Adam & Eric.

The next act was real interesting!

People couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos of her. Hi Sammy!

Ayesha! She had a name and a face!

Christina had this awesome drawl when covering Carrie Underwood.

Fais & Ruben.

Happy Fingers!

Markiza & Peter Brown.

Fariz Salleh and his strategic T-shirt.


The only featured act of the night, Calico.

Yvonne’s cool banana shaker!

A Band.


Random group picture time!

Oh Neo!, a band I hadn’t seen perform in a long time.

A blur picture of Reening from far away, as I came in just as he ended.


Sounds Of Kites.

A Suspicious Act.

Soap bubbles, not a band.


The memorable, super-short song-slinging Hannan Azlan. Do not miss her for the world!

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