KLue Urbanscapes, 28th June 2008!

Trash your ashes here.

Take him away!

Puppet bigger than its master.

How to film a Back To The Future scene.

The Otherside Orchestra.

Paolo Delfino.

The marketplace.

Fisheye shoots fisheye.


Koko Kaina.

She looks so familiar! I didn’t know she was Malaysian. Like I met her through a friend before. And no I don’t say that as a pickup line ever.

And his percussion unit is a bottle of pepper.

Being cramped up to the side, shooting her interaction with her guitarist was more interesting, especially since she kept smiling at him!

Next band…

Saw the immense crowd for Koko Kaina leave, leaving a small group behind.


Tugu Drum Circle.

Seven Collar T-Shirt.

I lined up for a burger (and the line was long), and suddenly Daft Punk started playing over at Lap Sap at the open field, just as I reached the front

of the queue. Argh! How was I to dance with a burger?

Later, I finished the burger, and danced. Then I was thirsty and got myself a drink… and at that moment, Twilight Action Girl played Daft Punk.


Ooo, these guys look kinda familiar…

This is what happens when Jenga and glue mix.

Three out of four members of Twilight Action Girl. At first, Lap Sap sounded like TAG, but only when TAG came, I was able to tell the difference – Lap Sap

plays songs and blends them; TAG just plays an entire song without really trying to mix songs.

DJ Bunga crowd surfing!

Izal of One Buck Short rocking out with his bass… which unfortunately got stolen later that night.

These aren’t lasers – they’re real ropes.

These aren’t trance zombies.

5 thoughts on “Urbanesque

  1. udjinn Post author

    thanks for the apartment shots man.

    that’s not izal’s bass though. it got stolen before obs’ set. the one in the pic was pinjammed.. looks like amir’s of twkua.


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