Netto From The Ghetto, Live From Section Five

Andrew Netto live at No Black Tie, 7th July 2008!

Full house with reservations.

This is the bar area of No Black Tie, separate from the performance area.

As you can see I’m experimenting with black-and-white, with a tendency to maintain midtones like medium format does. Blown highlights are the easiest thing to do, so I thought of doing something different for a change.

But first, we have the The Ramanados! These guys play straight up rock with a classic, soulful tinge.

…featuring Kishore on vocals, sometimes.

There was a kickass cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine and Sweet Home Alabama.

Herman Ramanado can be seen doing double duty on piano…

…and bass. Well, not both at the same time.

Ooo, Elaine ponders.

And then it was time for Malaysia’s youngest standup comedian!

Him impersonating a, well, you can tell from the picture.

One thing that continues to amaze me is that his jokes are off the hook…

…he can make a joke out of anything, just by flipping through the newspapers…

…or asking a member of the audience what they do for a living. That’s a major plus point – he could probably go unscripted, because he’s genuinely funny!

The crowd loves him.

Later, he is joined by the Ramanados for a little singalong, featuring a Travis-style Hit Me Baby One More Time with Andrew’s own lyrics.

I think, though, that there is a reason rappers don’t sing – not to say that he’s a rapper, heh heh.

Time for more acoustic goodness!

Billie Jean is not his lover, he sang.

…what you say?

Frantic beats. Strangely, percussive beats come easy to Indians.

For more pictures, in color, click on his No Black Tie July 2008 link.

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