Nineteen Seven

Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, at The Apartment KLCC, 19th July 2008! This is Eu Gene.

Playing, of course, for Paolo Delfino

…and the Short Attention Span Band.

Guess who Stephanie is drumming for!

Yep, the acoustic version of Mili’z.

There’s the multi-instrumentalist Melina on guitar.

And hmmm, if they swapped violinists with Paolo they’d have an all-female band.

Say what?

Then, came the excellent David Knight.

He had this haunting voice, with some percussive guitar chops…

…to be used in loops and delay pedals.

I always love it whenever somebody comes up to stage and makes a boombox beat, records it in a loop, and adds layers to it.

Such is his power over the audience.

He went electronica, too!

Such inspired I was – the only artistes I’ve seen doing this were AJ of Pop Shuvit and Jamie Woon.

And then, on open mike, was the returning Cassandra!

She had a few covers from her jazz lounge days.

With that sultry voice, she’d surely be called back to stage.

And ending the set was the very hardworking gig organizer Reza Salleh with a couple of fresh new tunes of the upbeat variety!

Through a glass bowl.

2 thoughts on “Nineteen Seven

  1. Waifon Post author

    photogenic david knight with the 90 degree body shots hahaha. he reminds me of telepopmusik, the looping and electronic music parts. so awezommmm *pokes pokes*


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