Rock Never Gets Old

A certain 25th of July 2008, I stepped into a bar…

…all too familiar. Or not too familiar.

There was loud music rockin’. This band? Meh. I shouted Freebird! and they didn’t play it!

Yep, it was the reopened Jamasia.

Ah, such wonderful memories of sitting in front on the wooden floor. Note that the bar moved to where the sound console was last at, and the sound console moved into a corner of the stage, and yet it seemed much spacier, with room for a snooker table at the back!

The occasion? Khai‘s birthday!

This guy single-handedly brought me to places which I wouldn’t or hadn’t been to in ages. I had not been to The New Paul’s Place, after it got raided one New Year’s Eve for “black metal”… until Khai had his screening of Ciplak there.

Likewise, I hadn’t been to Jamasia for months until he sent us all invites on Facebook!

Ironically, the first ever gig I’d been to, Good Golly, It’s A Gig! at the original location of No Black Tie (where a backpacker’s lodge is now) was organized by FYI Entertainment, of which he is a part of.

Meanwhile, they painted the guitar on the wall anew! All the signatures and autographs were gone!

Yes, that’s what Peter Hassan Brown must’ve thought, too…

Fender Stratocasters don’t have 23 frets!

Beer bottle slidin’ with Rollin’ Sixers. (Yes, formerly known as Triple6Poser.)

Henry doing a Slash.

Eddy… OHMYGOD EDDY! Where are your trademark long locks?

When I first entered, I saw him, grabbed his shoulders and went NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Yes, everybody heard it… it’s like a part in a comedy where the character screams and the camera zooms out into outer space.

Davina makes the funniest faces. 😀

Khai getting the “it’s okay, you down this one, it’s the last one okay? I won’t make you down any more…” treatment.

I also took the opportunity to take pictures and say “This is going on Facebook! This is going on Facebook! I’m going to tag you!

Well, I always wanted to say that. Not that I have actually uploaded any photos on Facebook of other people.

Davina’s got ants in her pants and wait whoa whazzat a very cool T-shirt!

Finally, the Rollin’ Sixers demarcated the big cyan guitar on the wall.

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