Mula Meredang

And now for some shots from the company trip in Redang (anywhere from the 27th February 2008 to 1st March 2008.)

How long more will this ferry take?

At last! (Okay this was from the resort next door…)

We went straight for the beach…

…where some got sand-based enhancements.


Some of us found love.

Some of us found our way onto the rocks.

Some of us would rather camwhore on the rocks.

Some of us become camera ads.

Rames contemplating a shot.

Me taking a jump shot with 2 wireless Sony HVL-F56AM flashes. Picture taken by my product manager. Spot me in the corner, and spot an unsynchronized colleague!

Spot me in the middle bottom, a little inch of my head. Yes I took that Heroes picture that you see on smashpOp‘s blog.

They can jump, but this can fly!

100% crop using my Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan. It was very far away!

A squirrel and what he thinks is a wooden acorn.

A squirrel outside my window in a more natural position.

A camwhore in a natural position.

Yes, that’s natural light and the light fall-off is from the roof so it was already there!

A tinge of green in the Alpha’s Kelvin WB setting did the trick. (Yes, even the Alpha 200 has Kelvin WB with Color Compensation Filter, real nifty.)

Elsewhere, the camwhoring continued.

…all the way into the night.

Technology brings light to darkness.

A bunch of them disappeared, and we found them in the next resort watching a Chinese band.

Mmm hmm.

I spy a longing.

Charades, with the theme being movies.

It’s getting late so I’m going…

Alright then it’s time to head into the chalet!

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