The R-Word

Here we have something from Lukas Rossi’s new band, Stars Down – a track named Bleeding The Dream:

Now compare that to Rock Star Supernova‘s first video, Headspin:

Man, what happened to Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses) and Jason Newsted (Metallica)? Did they all decide to get together in the name of Mark Burnett, king of reality TV, and make pussy music?

I could think of some local bands I see who make pussy music. But I’m too pussy to name them.

I’d also say that the one song I heard from Stars Down was impressive enough for me to say that they have a bit of dynamics ala A Perfect Circle. But I’m too pussy to say this, in case the real A Perfect Circle fans tell me otherwise, which would be legit since I really don’t know much about A Perfect Circle. I’d be more likely to buy a Tool album (but I didn’t, only because I rarely buy albums.)

I finally watched Airheads. When else will you see Adam Sandler as a rocker? I salute the movie’s capability to develop sympathy and the Stockholm Syndrome. You end up really liking Joe Montegna. And disliking Michael McKean as Milo, who turns KPPX Rebel Radio into an easy-listening station. But I loved him in This Is Spinal Tap as David St. Hubbard! Who would have thought until the credits roll and you head over to IMDB!

I caught Tropic Thunder too. Explosive action of the funniest degree. You’d know damn right that Jack Black wrote that scene in where he bites a bat’s head in tribute to Ozzy Osbourne. You just know it’s his idea. And woohoo to Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein making it in the movie at one point. And boohoo to people who think Simple Jack was a bad joke – the joke isn’t in the m-m-m-movie itself, but in the lines that follow:

Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, ‘Rain Man

8 thoughts on “The R-Word

  1. Chris Post author

    I get Tommy Lee and that G & R dude but Jason Newsted? Man, how the might have fallen.

    And, yes, Tool is more worthy of a buy than APC.

  2. kenchill Post author

    Hell, Robert Downey’s acting is awesome. If you looked at the promo poster and try to spot Robert Downey (Iron Man face), it’s hard!

    The way the director died is just too… sudden. Heck!

  3. kenchill Post author

    Oh sorry for the double post. Just wanted to say that, the ‘Flaming Dragon’ dudes were speaking in Mandarin! I was expecting Vietnamese. But the second time they were speaking, I managed to catch it.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Chris: Yeah but Jason was always James’ whipping boy. Or at least the Some Kind Of Monster rockumentary put it that way.

    kenchill: Hahahaha! That and the scene right after was hilarious. I didn’t notice they were speaking Mandarin though!

    george: They bleeped out just the ends and starts of each word so you could fill in the blanks easily. 😀

  5. lishun Post author

    wow i didn’t even know lukas rossi moved on. he sounds as fab as he did on the show! (i kinda liked toby and magni more tho) but yeah, was disappointed with the supernova record. good to know he’s still making good music.


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