Sixteen Eight, Oh Eight!

Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show, one 16th of August 2008, at The Apartment, KLCC. These run on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

I wonder what goes on in every performer’s mind – is it “I hate the lights.

I love the lights, though sometimes they could be pointed at them heh.

Here’s a random transcription from a rare track. Tell me where you’ve heard this before!

Like I said, if I could only see your faces. The like, the hate, I don’t know, but just enjoy the music. I hate the lights. I hate the lights. It makes me a star. I’m no better than anybody else.

Arrreee yooouuu readddy to perform?

Jasemaine Gan, long time no see. Acoustic with a kick of a trilingual ballad!

I somehow really like the geometric cuts in this shot. She has been taking some nice shots too so head over to her blog!

I am jealous of the innate ability of females to automatically take better pictures to begin with.

Cassandra Chong. Found this interesting angle by accident!

Spoiler. This jazz diva is wearing a flowing dress.

Sue on violins!

Izzy Mohd!

She introduced me to Indomee. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Nick Davis and a violinist. Not the same violinist.

I am beginning to wonder if violinists and saxophonists are more common than bassists and drummers. After all, we see the same bassists and drummers in many bands!

Oh, the Audacity!

Oh, the audacity!

Nick is angsty. He rocks while doing so.

4 thoughts on “Sixteen Eight, Oh Eight!

  1. Janice Post author

    At this moment , while reading your blog in the library on campus, im craving for bestari indomee like mad… 🙁

  2. Nicholas.C Post author

    the Violinist with Nick.D is Savvy Ho…. and OMG an IBM runnign Audacity! I did the exact same thing at nick’s last gig…

  3. syakir Post author

    That quote is taken from Butterfingers album, Butter Late Than Never, live track of Faculties of the Mind. Gotta say, Emmett did sound bit pretentious.

    I hate the lights too, but for diff reason. make it hard to see the fretboard (my less than stellar eyesight dun help) and the LED screen of the guitar pedals look all screwy under the bright light.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Janice: Likewise! I’m too broke for that, even… right now I run on Ramlee Burgers which are still super for the price.

    Nicholas.C: I… knew that! LOL, so he has a recorder for every gig eh.

    Syakir: SPOT ON! Hmmm, didn’t know that the LED screen of guitar pedals look screwy, but I haven’t been under the lights. ’tis then that you gotta FEEL! 😀


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