Mellow Without The Yellow

6th August 2008 – Awesomely Mellow at Cloth & Clef, with Ben Rynjah.

And then there was Youtube sensation Kokokaina!

Imma trying out a new gritty post-processin’ style.

Cloth & Clef is the domain of the F1.4. Anything darker and you will suffer.

Something tells me I should’ve aimed lower and cropped her face out. Then you’d know it was the same girl in those videos.

Her trademark ukulele. There is no way you can hear Just You And Me and not go, “bumbum bumbum bum. Ba da da ba da ba!

I sold my ukulele ages ago. I miss the feeling of fretting across an entire octave with one hand!

Bo’s Bedroom Sanctuary.

Mellow with the xylo!

Funniest dude ever! Okay, Bo’s funny too, with the right amount of alcohol (that is, not too much.)

Double the bass.

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