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I went for the Indie Youth Fest 2008 at 1 Utama New Wing a certain 5th of July 2008, only because there was a Rubik’s Cube competition!

I asked around. It was 2pm already, inside and outside there was no booth for Rubik’s Cubes or anything. So I asked around, got directed outside, then inside, outside, and inside and uh, outside again. Until I found somebody who took another entry form and cancelled out the title, writing “Rubik’s Cube Competition”.

And so I was the first on the list. 20 minutes later, a gamer clan had joined! I was afraid. These guys looked serious. I thought I could walk away with a prize seeing how little publicity this event got.

Then I saw the cubes. Cheap plastic ones! Not the official ones. I tested one of them. Two of the cubies (that’s what you call the parts) were superglued together! So that was a disqualified cube.

And so, we convened to the stage. There were 9 of us, so we split into 2 groups. The person with the most colors on a face solved after 5 minutes would win!

(Well, you’re supposed to solve the entire thing, but I guess the organizers had more realistic expectations.)

I finished my cube, all 54 colors on a face correct, and then I took pictures.

The poor guy on the left did not know that he finished an entire face, as it was not facing him. Hehe!

So after 5 minutes, two of them handed in cubes with 8 colors on a face, and the other two, 6 I think.

During the next round, this girl suddenly walked into the scene. Ooo, she said. “Can I try?” And she knew her stuff! She finished everything but she could not remember how to swap and orient corners.

Because she did not put her name on the participant list, I guess she didn’t win anything. 🙁

The second round finished with two dudes getting 7 colors on a face. And then they had a showdown. Well I don’t remember the exact details, this happened four months ago!

Third prize winner wins a game.

Second prize winner wins a game.

First prize winner wins Guitar Hero II for the XBox 360!

And so I hung out backstage with my new plastic guitar. Finally, an electric (or rather, electronic) guitar I can call my own!

The black pants are the closest I have to skinny black leather pants.

And now, for some real rockers…

Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake!

They had a legion of supporting fans!

Yes, I shot them all with my Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan.

Gotta love what it did to the flowers!

Ambient bits and then hard bits. Straight out, solid emo.

Challenging backlight, so I cranked up DRO on my A700. After some minor mucking in Photoshop there is just a bit of cross-processing.

So back to the Rubik’s Cube. Nobody knew, and those that were good at it were over in Subang. Some yo-yo event. You’d have a high chance of getting a yo-yo player to solve a Rubik’s Cube, apparently! (With the exception of the exceptional KJ.)

So back to Guitar Hero II. I contemplated getting an Xbox 360 just for the game – after all, this is the kind of game I’d buy a console for. And I’d never had a console.

Of course, Uncle Google and Uncle Syefri told me that I could just plug my electronic Gibson Explorer via USB cable to my PC, and download Frets On Fire, a PC emulator. It could even rip tracks from the Playstation 2 version (which, thankfully, Amir had, and I must thank him for lending it to me.) Each song took about 2-3 hours to rip, with over 50 songs.

And, just like Dave Mustaine, although I could play guitar, I totally sucked at Guitar Hero the first time I played it.

Dave Mustaine playing Guitar Hero II on Game One

Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian Sucks at Guitar Hero

The guitar controller eletronic Gibson Explorer is pretty much like a joypad – I even tried to play Quake 3 on it. There weren’t enough buttons to bind to all the movements, even!

8 thoughts on “Rubik Hero

  1. hOcmun Post author

    lol.. didn’t know you can solve rubik’s cube. i got a friend who can solve the whole cube in 30seconds.

    anyway lets jam. 😀

  2. Chapree Post author

    One of these days, you must come to my SK house and play Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band. These two got vocals and drums yo. Yesh, you can bring your own plastic guitar if you want. XD


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