9-11, Moonshine!

Moonshine September 11th 2008, Laundry Bar!

And that was the return of the Qings & Kueens, one of the most melodic hard rock bands out there.

Onto something brilliant and vastly technical – Tokyo Blue!

I would like to hereby declare them “dramatic jazz”. You heard it here first!

They are the shadows of other great bands before them, which each member came from.

Ywenna! I first knew her as one half of Rhapsody. What a classic duo that was.

Poova! Poova-ful voice. She brings the band into verse-chorus-verse sensibility.

So how do you make a post-rock band? First, you place a few pedals on the floor. Don’t bother connecting them, let the static jump between pedals, causing an ad hoc wireless connection. So you don’t have to go through all the trouble to make the white noise – it will all come to you naturally.

Then, you get a diverse drummer.

Oh and a prerequisite is a Fender Jaguar, Mustang or Jagstang. Those switches add to post-rockingness!

But seriously man, I like Furniture.

And then, there was the Stoned Revivals.

Vandal popped by to drop a line.

7 thoughts on “9-11, Moonshine!

  1. noel Post author

    nice shots.

    i think its great that laundry upgraded their lights. makes it brighter and its now easier to take nicer pictures.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    noel: Nope nope like KJ said, there was a wireless flash from the left in the later shots, and in the earlier shots I flashed as well.

    smashpOp: Yeah man! Thanks!


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