Netto @ Latte @ 8

The answer to my question as to who is being watched, is of course Andrew Netto!

For some reason, I like this shot of him the most. It’s as if the stars fell into place.

Rewind to when he had shorter hair…

…and the college girl skit.

One staple is of course, the dance skit. Someday when he has all his stuff up on Youtube I’ll be able to reference it.

He is joined by the Ramanados for a song!

This is one of his many politician skits, I’m sure.

This is his rempit skit. Gotta love the voice he puts on for this!

As of late I find I am unable to ‘put on voices’. This saddens me.

Seeing the difference in tie and suit made me realize that I don’t actually have any suits. This also saddens me.

Don’t mind this shot, he’s actually generally acknowledged as Malaysia’s youngest stand-up comedian. (Does that mean that other stand-ups only get into stand-up later in their lives, as a sideline to their thespian activities? Perhaps. But Andrew wasn’t a thespian as far as I knew.)

Sometime 24th October 2008, I caught Latte@8 (you mean they still show this?)

Jason Lo himself does a stand-up routine before his show.

Audience impressions.

Well I laughed! So I must have an advanced sense of humor, as he does. Catch him on Actorlympics and his jokes are some of the sharper ones!

Al Jazeera reporters know how to cycle their face to different cameras every few seconds. I kid you not.

Then it was Mr. Netto’s turn to be on the show, giving a stand-up routine before that.

He uncovers what’s under his jacket…

…before his interview with Jason the Chelsea fan.


Interestingly, in an earlier part of the interview with the reporter, Jason blurted out his radio station affiliation, which is in a competitor company to the company which produces Latte@8… on live TV. I know if he did the reverse, the competitor company would freak out and go all out on damage control.

Eh come back la.

It’s no longer the Tak Nak guy or the Drummer Boy or the Estranged drummer Azwin Andy – it’s now DJ Nas-T, or Abu of KAMI. KAMI was a great movie, by the way…

It had been a long time since I’d seen him. I told him what I thought about the movie. He asked, “Did you cry when I died?

Oh shit, I don’t remember if I did.

Oh shit, I just gave out a spoiler.

But now that I think about it, yes I did cry. And ironically Winamp’s randomizer picked Johnny Cash – Cry Cry Cry.

And then, it was Laila’s Lounge to end the set.

These boys will be up on Fat Boys Records’ annual (well, almost, forgoing 2007) rock festival, Rock The World 8.

Say what?

What: Rock The World 8
When: 12 noon to 12 midnight, 20th December 2008
Where: The Secret Garden, Merdeka Stadium (in other words, the parking lot)
How Much: RM25. Tickets are available at Extreme outlets, Music Valley, Rock Corner, Maju Junction Mall and at the event itself.
Who: Butterfingers, Estranged, One Buck Short, OAG, Koffin Kanser, Pure Vibracions, The Times, Bunkface, Republic Of Brickfields, They Will Kill Us All, Zip Zieller, Upon Arrival, Komplot, Laila’s Lounge, The Otherside Orchestra, Revenge

Yes you’re probably thinking the same thing, haven’t we seen most of these bands before? Heck who cares man, it’s the one festival to bump into all your rocker buddies and have a good headbang!

Oh and then there’s Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show this weekend.

What: Moonshine: A Homemade Acoustic Show
When: 9:30pm to 12:30am, 22nd November 2008
Where: The Apartment Downtown, KLCC
How Much: Free, but buy one of them funky drinks
Who: Mia Palencia (jazz/soul diva!), Melina William, Zalila Lee and Slowjaxx

Melina on acoustic! This is a rare show, where this progressive guitar hero plays tunes meant for an entire band with all the riffs and parts all crammed into one guitar while she sings.

5 thoughts on “Netto @ Latte @ 8

  1. Jannah Raffali Post author

    Oh my Tuhan! Rock the World 8! I was so sedih last year don’t have. It’s like my year wouldn’t be complete without going to RTW. The last one was crazy with the 20 k plus people.

    Wah but Bunkkiddiesface got to play at Rock the World huh?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Jannah Raffali: At least they’re new faces! People are complaining that it’s the same old lineup… and yet, people are asking for all these Rock The World staple bands like Love Me Butch. Likewise, I gotta go!

    kenchill: LOL, interesting thought, that. Add the Trooper helmet!

    Arlyne: Why do they all say that? I’ll call you one of these days. If I remember.

    Silencers: Will do!


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