No Tie Guessing

One of many nights at No Black Tie.

The new one, that is… the old one was located nearer to Jalan Nagasari.

Oh, and the old one didn’t have two floors. I think.

I love these photos. Especially the one in the middle, lower row.

Attentive crowd.

Yup, somebody’s got their attention alright.

This makes for easy shots with the Minolta 50mm F1.4.

So, who are they all watching?

Any guesses?

Some of them seem to be… amused.

And some of them seem to be amused all the time.

But anyway, onto more clues…

This band, the Ramanados, play before and after the show. Whose show?

They rock out!

Rock is not a challenge to them. (Well except that one time I expected to hear the solo for School Of Rock when it came, but didn’t.)

Doesn’t Greg look a little bit Memphis?

These guys have outfitted better since the first few times I’d seen them.

These black-and-white shots were of course processed with my
How to make low-contrast black-and-white from digital color photos

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