More Subdue Advertising

Heck no I’m not paid to advertise friends’ sites – I just do it out of charity (doesn’t that sound even more pathetic?)

Meet ShadyET, whom I bugged repeatedly to get a blog. Ah yes. She got a blog. She made herself a blog. (Saved a lot on the most weathered ears in town – mine!)

Who has the right personality to write a blog, anyway? Is it in your genes? Just because you’re opinionated, it doesn’t mean you can upkeep a blog. If you’re not opinionated, then your blog would be a daily diary (boooring!)

I remember reading from Brickchick that there were two types of bloggers. Designers and writers. I fall somewhat in a limbo; a no human’s land. (Politically correct eh?)

Being a programmer at nature uses logic. Designing is artistic creativity and aesthetics (that I don’t have!) I can only do graphics based on real life, because nature has rules and logic that govern the way a tree grows, or how light falls on an object and casts a shadow.

Writing, however, requires verbosity and good English. Text and philosophical thought appeals more to writers. Grammar is important, too – if you weren’t a stickler for detail, you wouldn’t be able to write a program. You’d have to follow the computer programming language’s syntax very closely in order for anything to work. Notice how there are lots of programmer/writers, but few designer/writers?

Albert is a
/ Writer =]

If it isn’t obvious to you now (because I have confused you so much already) I am a programmer/writer! Whee! Now if only I wasn’t a procrastinator, I’d make a simple quiz that would tell you what category you fell in, complete with banner (like above)!

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