The Jolly Well Comeback

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What is wrong with my body’s biorhythm? I did not sleep from 1200 hours 19th March 2002 until now (around 0900 hours 20th Match 2002!) I was doing a long procrastinated college project (I still have two more on the 23rd!) Luckily, my dad let me stay back at my computer-equipped house (my grandma’s doesn’t have one) so I could finish up the %$(*&^ project, which I did, crappily, of course. (What would you expect within 3 days?)

I have become such an insomniac, such a 3-hour sleeper, that people actually look up to me! I was up till 5 AM with my friend who also had college projects to finish, when I called ICQ quits (though still connected) and said my byes. He said:

Hah I have outlasted Albert the insomniac. I am king… zzz

Later in the day, he sent an SMS to me, saying:

Another 36 hour insomnia marathon. I think I am getting used to… zzz

(To the aforementioned person, no offense – the messages were cute, and you should be jumping out of your long-empty bed in joy!)

So far it’s just over 21 hours. I’d have 3 hours left for sleep before I hand in my college project (hence my lack of sleep, duh!) Wish me good luck! (I’m sure the cars slow down when seeing zombies cross roads, right?)

Illogical quote of the day:
“I’m so happy, you’d swear I’m on anti-depressant!”

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  1. Patrick Post author

    cool… it’s actually here. i didn’t know that. now i think i will send you another sms… zzz. (NOTE: The writer of this message is now dead to this world)


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