People Of The World!

Rewind to a common path at the Sarawak Cultural Village!

Wish you were here.

…or maybe she’s interested in someone in the crowd?

This is why Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 was called a mudfest. It was not fun to walk in this gooey mess at all! Nearest to the stage your feet would sink in, and the mud would wrestle your slippers out of your toes (so leave them behind) and you’d sink calf-deep until your feet land on hard rocks and other treasures found in the mud bed.

Enough of that, here’s some clear water!

Su Ann does the “I’m not looking here!” pose.

Liyana (left) and Bianca (right), who claim to be sisters. No shiiit!

Yes, that’s Liyana the cute vocalist from Estrella.

Then I bumped into Ted Adnan and his then newly bought Nikon D3 and his ol’ Nikkor AF-S 300mm F2.8 VR.

This was the first time I’d touched a D3 and a Nikkor AF-S 300mm F2.8 VR. I bumped up ISO, expecting an epiphany – I didn’t get it. It’s not exactly clean but it’s cleaner and has a different noise look. And I swung the 300mm around, sniped some people and got their ears in focus instead despite having approximately aimed at their faces. Operator error, apparently. And I still prefer all my relevant controls to be easily accessible by the right hand alone especially when wielding such an unwieldly lens with my left hand.

David Beckham lookalike spotted!

Obligatory slow-shutter-flash with Kenny Sia and Ing Hui!

This was a much faster way to wash sandals than to line up at the washroom. Yes we sat at a pier and swished our feet in the water.

I thought he was asleep. He was actually taking a picture.

I am beginning to like this house already!

Kid was not posed. Street!

Yummy! Fresh from the uh… furnace.

Yep, they still make them handmade.

Kids love balloons, even ones they can’t reach.

Yep, they dumped more sand into the mud pit. Supposedly, this helped…

And that concludes the series of pictures from Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 that has people in it.

5 thoughts on “People Of The World!

  1. Matthew Post author

    I’ve visited the cultural village once during my 3 year stay in Bintulu, Sarawak. Nice place but you’ve got to visit a REAL long panjang, that’s where all the REAL fun are 🙂

  2. Bowdacious B Post author

    It’s indeed very muddy. T’was there on day 1 and didn’t planned for 2nd and 3rd day of the festival. Next year, definitely gonna go for the 3rd day. There’s no stim on the first day.


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