One evening, after a wedding, I ended up in Bangsar. And then I remembered my Bangsar-hangin’ friend who is now one of the sauciest bloggers around. I called her. “Dey! You in Bangsar aaa?No no I’m in Brickfields, I might head to Bangsar later!

And so I wandered around Bangsar Village II taking a slow walk in what was the former Hankyu Jaya. Ah, what memories of many Transformers pored at there! Toys R Us Express was there. I’ve held off buying Transformers for a relatively long time already and am considering selling some of them, MISBs and all.

I ended up in MPH, and picked up a book with a most enticing cover – wow! I sat cross-legged on the floor until 10pm, reading a most engrossing book.

I normally don’t read, so getting past 188 pages was an accomplishment. 188 out of 344.

Before leaving, I flipped to the end and noted the price. I also saw the book’s category printed on the back – Self Help.

Tadaa, a punchline!

I related this story to another friend.

She-who-recently-turned-24: Does it have a yellow cover?
Me-who-recently-turned-25: Yes it does…
She-who-recently-turned-24: Oooh, my mom got me that for my birthday a few years ago! Never got to read it. But my ex-boyfriend took it and never returned it.

I know the ex, and it certainly doesn’t seem like he read the book. 😉

I guess I’d only read books that are life-changing. Saw Jim Carrey’s latest movie, Yes Man? Life-changing! Of all seriousness, I do believe that there is opportunity out there. You meet all sorts of people who will be relevant and instrumental to your life later. Lawyers. Make-up artists. Painters. Photographers. Event managers. Yo-yo players. Clowns. Emcees. Stand-up comedians. Guitarists. Drummers. Violinists. Bassists. Record-shop owners. Camera-shop employees. Personal trainers. Psychologists. Magicians. Teachers. Editors. Writers. Receptionists. Cooks. Bakers. Waitresses. Security personnel. Dentists. Students.

If you’ve influenced or helped me out in a big way and your occupation is not in the list, comment here!

8 thoughts on “Self

  1. punkstereo Post author

    err .. I don’t really help u with what I do but err.. I can try to help u to get media pass for the next event hehe =P

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    punkstereo: I’m not sure exactly what you do but I’ve edited the list. 😉

    szetoo: Nonsense you’ve filled my life with joy and merriment! I put you in the Student category.

    Ewin: Oops typo LOL.

    Mellissa Lee: You’re ALIIIVE! Yeah, my family used to hang out there sometimes. I’m not sure if that’s something cool to admit.

  3. Chris Post author

    I still call it Hankyu Jaya (Freudian slip, darnit!) sometimes, much to the delight of my unforgiving peers. I also remember it well because I once barfed there.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Chris: I know Hankyu Jaya was not exactly spick and span but to barf there? I can’t imagine barfing there as there were no provisions to get drunk there then. It wasn’t happening yo.

    KJ: Haha you’ve learnt your lesson!


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